The final day at White Castle saw all loose ends tied up and the backfilling of the trenches.

The Rampart Scotland concept of small trenches to understand the bigger picture has proven itself. There is of course much more to do regarding collating OSL data, the numerous C14 dates, cross referenced with the plans, the topographic survey and even the geophysical survey. But in terms of understanding, we are satisfied that there is nothing more we could to meet our original goals of characterising and dating the major phases of activity on the site.

Backfilling on final day.

Backfilling on final day.


White Castle is no longer a grassy mound next to a road in the Lammermuirs. To us anyway and to all who have worked there it has come to life and we can now visualise the site, from unenclosed settlement, through its various banked and terraced alterations. The platforms now hold houses and people and we can even sit with a post medieval shepherd as he watches his flock before returning to his small abode on the summit.

All that remains now is to say a huge thanks to everyone who has helped in this brilliant effort, it wouldn’t have been possible without you all.

Rampart Scotland salutes you…