Today it was all about post holes. At least in two of the trenches that is…

Last year David spotted another potential track way into Whitecastle, so one of the questions that needed to be answered this year was whether it was contemporary with the fort or whether it was a more recent animal breach through the ramparts. So, two trenches were positioned at each of the breaches to try and catch potential post holes. Finding post holes would indicate that there were gates in place, which would be the evidence needed to prove the entrances are real.

Jake and the post hole.

Jake and the post hole.

Today, one of the trenches supplied that information with a post hole or slot which also contained charcoal. Charcoal is excellent dating material, so that will be sent off to Glasgow for processing and a date will be produced in a few months time.

The other trench is starting to show some potential for post holes or a slot but needs to be worked on a bit more before that stage is reached.

The platform trench is still being planned and the ditch trench is still going down but hasn’t reached the bottom yet.

So, all is going well, the sun is still shining, Stuart and Hanka have arrived and tonight is party time with a barbecue in the back garden of the dig house.