Well you get to that point in an excavation when its all about recording. Every trench has been cleaned up for the cameras, with lessons in planning and site records. Cross-referencing has never been more exciting (well at least that is what David is telling everyone)!

The gateway Trenches 33 & 34 are down to the banking material, but is that darker earth a post-hole or an animal burrow? We will only find out once it has been planned.

The shepherd’s hut Trench is coming along nicely. Stone footings for the wall have been revealed so far by Don and Tony and as an added bonus the prehistoric bank material is better preserved beneath this later building.

Don and Tony at the shepherd's hut trench.

Don and Tony at the shepherd’s hut trench.

The large platform is taking shape and once the plan has been completed, we can begin the process of working out which rocks are part of the structure and which are collapse.

Down in the ditch Michael and William are learning from Tom and Cara the gentle art of planning on a 45 degree slope, down an ever increasingly deep trench.

Then after another blisteringly hot day it was off to Dunbar for fish and chips, a walk around the harbour and back to East Linton to the Crown pub for some refreshments and a game of outdoor jenga.