Sheriffside 2011

Gearing up for second dig at Sheriffside

Kirsty Gibbins • Published 19 Jan 2012 09:22 – East Lothian Courier

The excavation of a “crucial” historic fort settlement near Gifford, dating back to the beginning of the first century AD, is to be expanded later this year with a further archaeological dig at the site in April.

More than 200 people – including East Lothian schoolchildren, archaeology students and adult learners – were involved in the excavation led by Rampart Scotland at an enclosure site at Sheriffside in May last year.

The dig, part-funded by Haddington’s Peter Potter Gallery and carried out as part of Rampart Scotland’s Hill Forts of East Lothian project, yielded a number of interesting items and a variety of features, including rock-cut post-holes, channels and a cut terrace in the hillside.

Rampart Scotland, which undertakes research into Scottish hill forts, is now planning to return to the site for further excavation, to hopefully shed more light on the historical importance of the area and what relation it has to other hill fort sites in East Lothian.

The plan is to open a trench on the west side of the site between April 6 and 9, and Rampart Scotland is inviting volunteers of all ages to sign up and pay a small contribution to be involved in the project.

David Connolly, co-director of Rampart Scotland, who was one of the leading archaeologists at last year’s dig, told the Courier: “This is a new way of funding archaeology and I think it’s very positive because it allows professional archaeologists like myself the opportunity to fund projects in a different way while also helping to provide others with new and exciting skills.

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